👨‍💻<Ali Davoodnia>


<System/Network Admin, T2/T3 IT Help Desk>

A sysadmin is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the reliable operation of computer systems, especially servers. They are responsible for keeping the company's computers, servers, and internet running smoothly to limit work disruptions. This includes system maintenance and configuration, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, and assessing new technologies for their companies.

<Personal/Contact Info>

  • F.Name: Ali
  • L.Name: Davoodnia
  • B.Day: Nov 1998
  • City: Tehran,Iran
  • E-Mail: Aliuniquee[AT]gmail.com
  • Call: (+98)9186654649
  • Degree: B.Sc.
  • Marital status: Single

My professional journey began when I enrolled in university at the age of 18. Fueled by a passion for learning, I eagerly embraced the world of computers and technology. I pursued an associate's degree in software engineering at STVC, one of Iran's top colleges, where I honed my skills and knowledge in this field. However, my interest in computer networks and security soon took center stage, prompting me to switch my focus to this area of study during my bachelor's degree (B.Sc.). As I delved deeper into this field, my fascination with network security grew stronger. This led me to collaborate with my brother on a book about the subject, which was eventually published by Naghoos Publication in 2019. In 2020, I proudly graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer networks engineering. Throughout my academic journey, I have remained committed to expanding my knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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<Educational Background>

B.Sc. in Computer Systems Networking Engineering


Shamsipour Technical and Vocational College

B.Sc. in Computer Systems Networking Engineering, Shamsipour Technical and Vocational College, Tehran, Iran, 2019-2021, GPA 17.34 of 20.
Thesis Title: “Penetration testing of wireless networks, implanting security solutions for wireless networks and increasing security”.
Supervisor: Mohammad Adelinia.

Assoc. Deg. in Computer Software Engineering


Shamsipour Technical and Vocational College

Assoc. Deg. in Computer Software Engineering, Shamsipour Technical and Vocational College, Tehran, Iran, 2017-2019, GPA 16.53 of 20.

<Books and Papers>

B. Davoodnia, A. Davoodnia, M. Zolfy,“Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (in Farsi),”Naghoos Publishing, Tehran, Iran, April 2019, pages: 112, ISBN: 978-600-473-183-6.

<Awards and Honors>

  • Rank 67 in B.Sc. university entrance exam (Konkur),2019.
  • Rank 183 in Assoc. Deg. university entrance exam (Konkur),2017.


  • Computer networking administrator at I.R.I police H.Q. (NAJA) in Vanak, Tehran (2021-2023).
    System/network administrator in I.R.I. police H.Q., Prevention police (FAVA) as soldiership/military service. Performing all active and passive tasks like installing racks, switches, routers, access points and other network devices. Maintenance and managing almost 500 users in MS Active Directory. Implanting DNS, DHCP, FTP, NTP network protocols for better networking experience and efficiency. Implanting and sharing network printers, network storages and other network-based devices. Installing and managing CCTVs, Radio links, Fiber optic devices and connections.
  • Co-Founder of “Bafix”, part of botcloud.ir online helpdesk solution and services (2017-2021).
    We always loved helping people to get rid of their computer issues in all way, lately decided to help as a brand and under a name that named "Bafix".
  • Founder of BIT institute of technology, BITGP.ir (2018- 2020).
    BIT Institute of Technology, a cutting-edge online platform that offers comprehensive courses in computer science, networking, and various university-level subjects. our institute is dedicated to providing high-quality education to individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in these rapidly evolving fields.
  • Network security admin and researcher in STVC security department (2019-2021).
    Wireless network security team leader in STVC security department, holding and managing wireless security workshops, Database PenTesting(SQL injection), WPS/WPA PenTesting(802.11),XSS(CSRF) attack, MITM attacks, WAF PenTesting, RATs & Backdoors and etc. at STVC security department.